Pewag Levo Clamp LC

Last modified: September 7th, 2020

Manual process steps such as attaching and releasing hooks require a great deal of time and resources. This is where automation comes in handy, and with the pewag levo clamp LC, pewag has developed a truly innovative product.

The Pewag Levo clamp LC is a vertical lifting clamp that was specially developed for simplifying standardised lifting processes and making them safer.

Processes such as the lifting of steel plates and steel constructions are a potential hazard for persons and material. To ensure safety during lifting operations, a premium tool is required that is easy to operate and safe to handle. The Pewag Levo clamp LC was developed specifically for this challenge and makes it possible to lift loads manually, using a remote control unit.

The Pewag Levo clamp LC

  • Provides support when working at heights or in areas that are difficult to access.
  • withstands temperatures that put a strain on the user (-20 °C to 60°C).
  • enables the targeted use of personnel resources (crane of lifting equipment operator may lift and release load independently)
  •  is suitable for lifting and transporting steel plates with a maximum hardness of 37 HRC (345 HB).
  • has an admissible minimum weight of 10% of the maximum weight.

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