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Manufacture of Wire Rope Slings

Prolift are one of the leading suppliers of wire ropes in the UK, however, we also specialise in the manufacturer of wire rope slings.

At our rigging facility in Redditch we possess all the required machinery to be the UK’s Leading supplier of wire rope slings.

  • Wire Rope Swaging Machine 350t Press
  • Wire Rope Swaging Machine 600t Press
  • Wire Rope Swaging Machine 1000t Press
  • Cutting and Annealing Machine
  • Wire Rope Coiling and Reeling Machines
  • Mechanical Wire Rope Turntable
  • 100t Horizontal test Bed to test slings if required.

At present we can manufacture wire rope slings up to 64mm diameter however we are currently reviewing this and have plans to increase the diameter we can offer over the coming months.