Professional Hand Pallet Truck GS EVO

Last modified: September 6th, 2020

The GS EVO is the top choice for hand pallet truck: designed for intensive use with the maximum easiness of use and superior ergonomics.
Available in a wide range of options, it is the right tool for a customer that is looking for a tailored product for his application or simply a great professional tool.

Standard Configuration:

  • Nylon – Poly 45 steering wheels
  • Poly rollers
  • Entry/exit rollers: Supplementary rollers to allow easier entrance and quicker exit from a closed pallet, reducing the impact on the main rollers and guaranteeing a longer life.
  • 3D Superior Ergonomic shape tiller: This tiller has a special 3D design, with enhanced ergonomics. Compared to a conventional tiller, this shape allows the operator to have a good position when pushing the loads with maximum efficiency without fatigue. This thanks to two large grasping side areas specifically designed to have a correct position during operation of the truck.

Optional Configuration:

  • All types of steering wheels and rollers (Rubber, Aluminum/Poly, Nylon)
  • Quicklift: The perfect tool for quick lifting your loads. Saving time and improving efficiency with the specifically designed hydraulic pump. Just two pumps will lift loads under 120kg off the ground or three pumps for loads above 120kg. Compared to 5 pumps with a standard hand pallet truck.
  • Covered tiller: Soft rubber covering grants operator comfort and helps to reduce vibration, enabling a more comfortable and secure grip.
  • Manual control brake. Made by drum brake on each steering wheel, controlled by a dedicated lever on the tiller, it is available with rubber and poly steering wheels. It ensures that the machine doesn’t move during parking.
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