Galvanised Hand Pallet Truck

Last modified: September 6th, 2020

The GS EVO GALV hand pallet truck is designed to handle loads in humid and damp conditions. Suitable for environments where high hygienic standards are enforced, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical or food & beverage industry. Very good resistance to corrosion guaranteed thanks to the hot-dip galvanizing process of the frame and the handle and geomet treatment on the rest of the components.

Features: Resistant and reliable one-piece cast-iron pump with GEOMET surface coating treatment to prevent rust pitting and corrosion damages. Designed with extreme care of details in order to have superior characteristics and features, it includes:

Monolithic design: resistant and reliable one-piece housing to protect all components avoiding any accidental damages. The pump housing is processed with CNC machines to achieve high precision tolerances and high accuracy.

Chromed piston rod and oil seal: in order to avoid rust and prevent oil leakage during the use.

Maximum pressure valve: Safety device that protects the transpallet against overloads.

Proportional Lowering Valve: lowering speed can be proportionally controlled according to the lever position on the tiller. A perfect working tool to carry fragile and delicate loads like crystal, glass and ceramics.


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