High Lift Pallet Truck – Electric

Last modified: September 6th, 2020

The HX10E scissor Lift makes possible an easy and light lifting to a height of 800 mm, thanks to the reliable electric motor and to the powerful battery. When lifted, it becomes a practical work platform, which is suitable for places such as machine workshops. This pallet truck is also able to carry out the support function and material supply along the assembly and production lines.

Standard Configuration:

  • Rubber steering wheels and polyurethane rollers
  • Complete with 12V battery and external battery charger

Optional Configuration:

Auto Levelling System

  • Automatic system that, by means of a sensor, adjusts the height of the forks keeping constant the desired working height
  • Optical and acoustic signal activated at each fork movement
  • Possibility of sensor adjustment
  • Micro-switch active both on the way up to prevent superfluous absorption of energy and on the way down to protect the operator

Plus Version

  • Semi-traction 12V 80Ah C20 battery: powerful battery allowing long endurance and good number of charging cycles
  • Battery status indicator

Gel Version

  • 12V 55Ah C20 battery: particularly suitable for deep cycle applications, gel battery is safer (no acid spilling out) and does not need watering
  • Battery status indicator

On-Board Battery Charger

  • Battery status indicator visible from the manoeuvring station
  • Extendable power charger cable
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