Electric Pallet Truck QX20P

Last modified: September 6th, 2020

QX20P model is equipped with a folding footplate and is a highly versatile electric pallet truck with a capacity of 2000kg.

The QX20P model can be used in confined spaces or over medium distances. The strong frame, the braking system with energy recovery and the separately excited traction motor technology are just a few examples of the highly innovative technology of this machine.

It is the perfect electric pallet truck suitable for heavy-duty applications, ideal for transport over medium-long distances. State-of-the-art proven technology, powerful and reliable motors, excellent manoeuvrability thanks to the compact dimensions, make this product the most competitive solution for the intensive logistic application, such as loading/unloading of lorries, even in multi-shift uses.

Additional option:
Load backrest accessory to guarantee total safety during work, preventing loads falling on the operator side.

Please view the attached product card for more information.

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