Electric Pallet Truck EX15

Last modified: September 6th, 2020

The new EX15 Electric Pallet Truck is the economic solution for your daily light-duty logistic operation. Simple and easy to use thanks to the compact size, low weight, maintenance-free AGM battery and on-board charger, the EX15 can carry loads up to 1500 kg also on-ramps.

The overall width of the machine matches with the fork width (540 mm). This makes the unit as compact as possible and, together with the reduced turning radius (1485 mm), enables to work in narrow spaces.


  • Robust frame designed to guarantee maximum durability and resistance to torsion and loads.Fork tips shaped for an easier entrance/exit on the closed side of the pallet.
  • Emergency push button, belly button and electro brake are the standard safety features of the machine. The cover for driving wheel protects the operator’s feet during work and secures the truck’s components from the collision with objects.
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