Reid Portable Gantry Rapide

Last modified: August 13th, 2020

Unique and innovative PORTAGANTRY RAPIDE is a height-adjustable, foldable aluminium gantry designed for rapid deployment. Capable of an impressive load lifting capacity of up to 1000kg.
This system can be assembled and disassembled by just one person within a minute without the need for any tools and is the perfect solution for Confined Space Access, Rescue & Entry Lifting scenarios due to its unique features and ability to lift equipment and personnel.

Key Features

  • EN795:2012 Certified
  • ATEX Certified
  • Can support goods and personnel lifting;
  • Goods WLL of up to 1000kg
  • Personnel WLL of up to 500kg
  • Suitable for up to 3 persons for fall protection applications
  • Integrated wheel design that folds with the frame for ease of transportation
  • Available in 3 height-adjustable versions [up to 2.9m to the lifting eye]
  • Can accommodate a range of beam lengths up to 4m
  • Anodised for increased corrosion resistance
  • Engineered designs and bespoke sections reduce weight, providing lightweight portability

The PORTAGANTRY RAPIDE is available in a range of configurations and can be customised in line with specific requirements (subject to WLL rating).

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