Screw Clamps

Last modified: June 14th, 2020

Terrier Screw Clamps are available in two different models:

  • TBS


The Terrier safety TSCC lifting clamps are named after the safety mechanism which is made up of a spindle pivot and a cam. On tightening the spindle, there will be constant pressure on the pivot and cam. The clamp, therefore, cannot slip upon taking up the load. When lifting the load, the clamping strength of the clamp is increased by the weight of the load and the angle of the cam. Also, when depositing a load, the clamp cannot spontaneously let go.

TBS lifting clamps feature a screw thread mechanism consisting of a threaded spindle and two spindle nuts. As soon as the spindle has been actuated, this mechanism ensures that a constant clamping force is applied by the jaws. In this way the clamp will not work itself loose from the object. The linked clamping parts ensure that the clamping force continues, which means that the load continues to be held firmly. As there is no cam and pivot arrangement the object to be lifted does not become damaged.


The TSCC screw clamp is suitable for vertical and horizontal lifting and transporting of a large variety of materials and objects as steel structures, ferrous and non-ferrous metal plates, wood, plastic, concrete etc.

The TBS bulb screw clamps have been specifically designed for the provision on a bulb profile of a temporary lifting point.

For more details: Download attached user manuals.

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