Pipe Clamps

Last modified: June 14th, 2020

The Pipe Clamps from Terrier are available in three different types:

  • TTL


Terrier TPH(-HD) pipe hooks have a high-performance bearing surface finished with a plastic coating, which is easy to replace. Terrier TPH(-HD) pipe hooks are used exclusively for horizontal lifting and transporting of pipes. The hooks can only be used in pairs using a two-leg sling or spreader beam. Compact and lightweight in design, Terrier TPH(-HD) pipe hooks have a high lifting capacity.

The TTL lifting clamps are specifically designed for horizontal lifting and transporting tubes, bundles of tubes and round material. The Terrier TTL lifting clamp includes 4 clamping jaws, a lifting eye and a lock for the open position. The clamp is locked in an open position. The clamp closes by turning the lever away and moving the lifting eye upwards. The device is now ready for lifting. The clamp opens automatically when the load is put down. For lifting the aforementioned materials, the TTL safety clamps can be used per item or with several clamps simultaneously. It is important that the load is equally divided over each clamp when using 2 or more clamps. It is recommended to use an spreader beam in that case. You can request additional technical documentation from the manufacturer

The TBC clamps are suitable for vertical lifting and transporting of concrete pipes and wells.

NOTE: For operating instructions and more details please refer to attached user manuals.

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