Drum Clamps

Last modified: June 13th, 2020

Terrier Drum Clamps are available in three different types:

  • TVKH
  • TVSH
  • TVK


The TVK and TVKH vertical safety lifting clamps have been specifically and exclusively designed for the vertical lifting of steel drums.
The TVK and TVKH clamps consist of a body, cam & cam pins. The cam also functions as a lifting shackle and ensures that the drum is held firmly while it is being lifted. Terrier TVSH safety clamps are only suitable for lifting (oil)drums where the drums have to
stay in a laying position.


The TVKH clamp is used individually. When lifting the drum must remain in a vertical position at all times.

The TVK clamp may be used individually or with other clamps using a two-way or four-way intersection. If a drum is hoisted using only one TVK lifting clamp, the drum may get damaged. To avoid this, the drum should be hoisted using two lifting clamps at the same time. To guarantee safe hoisting, the TVK clamp has been pretensioned.

TVSH safety clamps are used individually. TVSH clamps are specially designed for lifting, handling and transporting (oil) drums in a horizontal position.

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