Beam Lifting

Last modified: June 13th, 2020

Beam Lifting Clamps

The Beam lifting clamps from Terrier comes in three different types:

  • FBK
  • TOBK


The FBK safety beam lifting clamp has especially been developed for the lifting of steel beams. A special lifting shackle is used to place the centre of gravity of the beam to be lifted directly beneath the lifting shackle. This maintains the equilibrium of the beam, once it is lifted. The FBK lifting clamp features a safety mechanism consisting of a locking device, a tension spring and a lever. Once the lever is operated, the safety mechanism provides constant pretensioning of the cam on the steel plate, thus ensuring that the clamp does not slip when the lifting force is applied. When a load is being lifted, the clamping force on the cam is increased by the weight of the load. It also ensures that the clamp will not work itself loose from the plate when the lifting force is off the clamp

The FSV/FSV(S)(U) lifting clamps feature a screw thread mechanism consisting of a threaded spindle and two-spindle nuts. As soon as the spindle has been actuated, this mechanism ensures that a constant clamping force is applied by the jaws. In this way, the clamp will not work itself loose from the object.

The TOBK clamps are specifically designed for horizontal lifting and transporting steel beams, sections and construction parts. The TOBK has a lock-in an open and closed position. The TOBK can be used for lifting beams at the sides or at the heads. TOBK clamps should
always be used in pairs. Special design makes it possible to lift steel (H) beams on the flange as well as on the upper ends of the beam.

For Permitted Applications:  Download attached User Manuals.


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