KITO CB Manual Chain Block

Last modified: June 30th, 2020


  • Capacities ranging from 500 kg to 50 t
  • Double reduction gearing requires minimum manual power to operate
  • Fourfold safety margin of the gearing parts under full load according to EN 13157
  • Standard lifting height is either 3 m or 3.5 m, variable lifting heights depending on your individual needs are also available on enquiry
  • Double casing for protection against dust and water
  • Safe, reliable mechanical brake activates instantly and holds the load securely
  • Articulating top hook allows you to properly centre the load
  • Forged carbon steel hook with a wide opening will not fracture under excessive load
  • Chain guide: silent and easy operation
  • Sealed gears and brake protected against damage from dust and water
  • Open load sheave allows easy inspection and cleaning without dismantling the unit
  • Maintenance-free sealed bearings increase reliability and reduce the pull required to lift loads
  • Double-pawl spring system for increased safety and reliability


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