Big Mouth Dee Shackle

Last modified: June 25th, 2020

Dee shackle with a longer inside length, wider mouth and safety bolt G-4553

The BigMouth Dee Shackle BN is ideal for use in situations where a lifting point is out of reach for a standard shackle and has these features:

  • Longer inside length
  • Perfect for lifting steel sheet pile walls
  • Galvanization assures long-term durability
  • Double safety (cotter pin & safety bolt)
  • Suitable for one-leg systems only

Product Specs:

• Material: bow and pin alloy steel, Grade 8, quenched and tempered
• Safety Factor: MBL equals 5 x WLL
• Standard: ASME B30.26
• Finish: hot dipped galvanized
• Temperature Range: -20°C up to +200°C
• Certification: 2.1 2.2 3.1 MTC a CE

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