Pewag Pump Chains

Last modified: July 15th, 2020

The high-grade pump chains have a load capacity that ranges from 320 to max. 12,000 kg. Their welded design, solid construction and range of components makes them particularly suitable for submersible pumps and breathers in water and wastewater applications.

These pump chains are tested for perfection and serialised with a dedicated identification tag and test certificate, issued individually for each chain. Enlarged master links at the beginning, at segmented intervals and at the end of the chain make them ideally suited for step-by-step lowering, lifting or locking.

Upon request, we also offer customised variations:

  • Two-legged system with “Y” for pumps equipped with 2 eye screws.
  • Alternative end fittings, such as eye hooks, BWI links or shackles.
  • Additional stabilisation chain.
  • Variation of standard segment length.
  • Customised models available.
  • Stainless steel hoist chains for pump stations are available upon request.
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