Pewag Stainless Steel Chains

Last modified: August 20th, 2020

WOX Chain inox

This stainless steel lifting chain is made from high-grade stainless steel, with a load capacity that is 25 % higher than that of G5 lifting chains. The chains are tested at 100 % of their load capacity, which is an impressive 12,000 kg. The chain is electrically welded for an extra-clean finish, stamped and with higher resistance to acids and caustics than the standard lifting chains G8, G10 and G12. The chain is guaranteed to be compatible with the Connex CWI links, with dimensions that are similar to DIN 5687-1 and EN 818‑2. The stamp makes the chains clearly identifiable.

WOX-S Chain inox

The Pewag Wox chain is also developed further for use in specific pump chain applications, opening up an even wider range of possible use. The WOX-S chain is the brilliant result of these development efforts and makes an ideal addition to the Pewag range of pump chains.

When assembled as a service pump chain, it may only be used in conjunction with specific lifting appliances. The chain has a higher resistance to acids and caustic solutions and is easy to identify thanks to the distinctive WOX-S marking. The WOX-S is now ready for use as part of your pump chain system!

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