Grade 12 Pewag

Last modified: September 29th, 2021

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Grade 12 Pewag Chain Slings

The higher Working Load Limits (WLL) of the Pewag winner G12 program (50% more compared to G8 programs) allows significant weight reduction. Reducing the weight of the chain sling makes the assembly easier to use for the end-user. Additionally, the profile of the chain improves the bending resistance of the chain. This is significant when loading the chain over a corner.

  • Chain quality: pewag winner pro meets the PAS 1061 standard with modifications (higher mechanical and impact strength values, reduced application temperature)
  • Stress at load capacity limit: 300 N/mm²
  • Fatigue test: 20.000 cycles at 450 N/mm² nominal stress
  • Test stress: 750 N/mm²
  • Breaking stress: 1.200 N/mm²
  • Breaking elongation: min. 20% regardless of surface
  • Bending: 0.8 x d
  • Stress crack corrosion:
  • Harmless against stress crack corrosion acc. to PAS 1061
  • Impact strength toughness: 42J at -60°C
  • Admissible operating temperature: -60°C – 300°C (please note WLL reduction at high temperatures)

Key Features

  • Innovative chain system that due to its ruggedness can be used for many applications not just for  lifting or lashing
  • Complete traceability – chains and components are stamped with an identification mark so that the whole production process can be tracked
  • Easy visual identification due to profiled chain and G12 marking on every link
  • Corrosion protection by means of light blue powder coating of chains and components. pewag offers as an alternative the proven corropro coating (PCP) for pewag winner pro G12 chains for a maximum corrosion protection.
  • Maximum security due to novel identification tag made from stainless steel with warning notes
  • Quality approved European production by an ISO 9001 certified company
  • Worldwide distribution network – easy delivery of spare parts – premium service
  • Experience – Pewag is the first supplier of an innovative G12 chain system


Working Load Limits on Sales Quotes and Sales Orders are based on 0-45 degree angle unless otherwise stated.

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