Hooks G10

Last modified: July 13th, 2020

Pewag Grade 10 Hooks range.

  1. HSW Eye sling hook
  2. LHW Safety hook
  3. WLHW Swivel safety hook
  4. WLHBW Swivel safety hook
  5. WSBW Swivel hook
  6. FW Foundry hook
  7. PW Grab hook
  8. PSW Grab hook with safety catch
  9. XKW Clevis shortening hook
  10. BWW Sheet metal plate hook
  11. GHW Fork hook
  12. KHSW Clevis sling hook
  13. BKHSW Oversize clevis sling hook
  14. KCHW Clevis C-hook
  15. KLHW Clevis safety hook
  16. KFW Clevis foundry hook
  17. KPW Clevis grab hook
  18. KPSW Clevis grab hook with safety catch

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