Last modified: July 1st, 2020

This is another lifting point that is 360° rotatable. The load ring is movable to an angle of 180° and can be positioned at any required angle due to its replaceable and patented spring. In the permitted applications, this lifting point offers five-fold safety.

Due to the Pewag quality standard, each lifting point comes with an individual serial number. The lifting points are marked with the admissible load capacity for the most unfavourable application mode, allowing for an increased load capacity in case of vertical loads.

The hexagonal special screw made from grade 10.9 material is also interchangeable and secured against loss. The screw is 100% crack-tested as well as covered with a chromate VI-free protection against corrosion and marked with the load capacity and thread size. It can be tightened with a hexagon wrench or spanner wrench.

Pewag winner profilift beta is available with metric or UNC-thread. The versions with metric thread are also available with customised thread lengths.