Pewag Rope Pulley Range

Last modified: July 7th, 2021

A rope pulley is a simple machine consisting of a rope or string wrapped around a wheel (sometimes with a groove) with one end of the string attached to an object and the other end attached to a person or a motor. Pulleys may seem simple, but they can provide a powerful mechanical advantage so lifting tasks may be done easily.

Following are the different type of Rope pulleys that Pewag offers for forestry lifting operations:

  • SRLF Ultra Lightweight rope pulley
  • SRLB Rope pulley with movable side plates
  • SRLF Rope pulley with rigid side plates
  • SRLK Rope pulley with side opening plate
  • SRL Rope pulley open
  • SRLKG Rope pulley with side opening plate#
  • SRL-GBGV Rope pulley with sliding shoe
  • SG Rope glider with roller